Wordpress website software updates are necessary to keep your website secure from bugs, hackers to stay current with new functionality and to make sure the site displays properly with different internet browsers.

The Care Plan covers:

Annual Care Plan - Monthly UpdatesMust-have

ZAR 500

Per Monthpaid annually.

Covers database backups, software updates and website maintenance to the back-end of the website.

  • Up to 1 hour of support time every month – includes plugin and WordPress update time, and can cover small tweaks, as well as telephone and email support;
  • Check your site for software updates. (WordPress, theme, plugins). Apply the required updates
  • Backup your site monthly to an offsite location whilst you’re on our contract
  • Run a quick check of your site afterwards to make sure it is working as it should.
  • Fix any issues quickly if possible. If a quick fix is not available we’ll discuss your options with you.
  • Optimise your WordPress website database to keep your site running efficiently.

Fine print:

  • We assume you have the licenses for premium themes and plugins. If not, we will ignore those themes and plugins during maintenance.
  • After an update is completed we do a quick test to make sure your site is still working, and check on certain functionality to ensure it was not impacted by the plugin and core updates.
  • Most issues can be fixed within a few minutes. If an issue affects your website we will resolve it without additional cost to you. If the fix is going to take longer, we will contact you with an estimate and suggest alternatives, or restore your site to the last backup.
  • Support hours are not carried over from month to month.