Why you need a website

Why does YOUR business need a website?

Here some of the most important reasons for having a website:

  1.  A website for your business means that customers and potential customers, locally and internationally can find and access information about your products and services at any time (even while you are asleep).
  2. The current generation has never known a world without digital connection. Most people these days will do an internet search for a product or service before going to a store. If they can’t find your business’s website with product info or even basic info about your location and offerings – it is most likely they won’t be going to your store or contacting you.
  3. You can get direct feedback from your customers through forms and emails. You can even create an online support forum to centralise support requests.
  4. A website lets you keep your customers informed about your products and services in one place. By having a subscribe to your mailing list option or subscribing to your blog content on your website, customers can receive emails or email notifications of any new updates on your site.
  5. In our current digital world, a business that does not have a website, does not have a face.
  6. A website is by far the most affordable marketing channel. The money spent on a great website can be written off over the next 4+ years. It is going to last for years to come and will be working for you 24/7, 365 days a year.
Internet presence and exposure: helps to bring new customers to your physical business with your website. . Enable customers to find your physical address more easily. To have an internet presence that is reflective of your brand An information-driven site with physical address, map, hours, gallery, services and pricing
An information-driven site with physical address, map, hours, gallery, services and pricing
Increase Sales: sell physical or digital products and services onlineE-commerce website with a shopping cart and payment facility / Product Catalogue with pricing and descriptions
Connect with people and share your skills / services / art / ideas / experiencesA portfolio website including a blog that allows for commenting / photo gallery / slideshow
Educate and share what your organisation does, raise awareness and fundingInformational website including a blog, resources, articles, video, gallery, links to social media
Sherissa R

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