What does a Website Copywriter Do?

Have you ever confused Copyrighter with a Copywriter?

Copyright/er has to do with registering patents, branding, logos, trademarks and intellectual property. A copywriter is someone who is an expert in creating content for advertising, marketing and promotion. In website design, copy refers to the text/words used on the site to market the products and services of the business, from the headlines to the paragraphs of the body copy.

So what does a website copywriter do?

A website copywriter will create content that is informative and engaging, with the goal to grab the visitor’s attention and to get the business’s message across before they leave your website.

At Digital Creative Lab, we strongly encourage all of our clients to have professional copy written for their website. It makes a massive difference to the success of the website. An effective website needs good copy, along with great design.

Without a doubt, creating quality content is the hardest part about building a website.

Most people take hours, days, even months to write a bio for their Linkedin profiles.

Don’t worry about providing us perfectly edited, search-engine-friendly content. We have a talented team of copywriters that will turn the information you provide into web and SEO optimised content. The process of creating quality content involves research by our team and information provided by you such as a list of your services, history of your businesss, the industry, names and short bios of the team, product information and pricing for example.

Once we have a go-ahead on the web project, our team will meet with you to gain a better understanding of your business and your needs.

Sherissa R

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