Why I decided to use Invoice Ninja for time-tracking, quotes, proposals and invoices

Back in 2014, I started using Pancakeapp for time-tracking, quotes, proposals and invoices. In 2017 I noticed that the app wasn’t receiving much attention. There were fewer updates released. I started researching alternatives. I signed up and tested numerous apps from Freshbooks to Quickbooks.

I have since decided to use Invoice Ninja. The Pancakeapp stopped receiving updates and feature improvements. I purchased and tested Perfexcrm for a year. It ticked all the boxes but there were many features I didn’t need. When I tried to hire a developer to do some customisations, I was told that it is a very difficult app to customise.

I installed and configured the self-hosted version of the Invoice Ninja app earlier this year. One of my initial concerns about Invoice Ninja was that it currently doesn’t let you embed a quote into a proposal – you actually do not need to as the quote is linked to the proposal. I manually include a summary of the quote in the proposal. Once the client clicks APPROVE, they are automatically taken to the quote with the full breakdown of costing. If the client is happy with the quote, they electronically sign their signature using their mouse and click APPROVE. You can set it up so that an invoice is generated automatically. Clients have commented that the process is clear, simple and easy.

What do I like about Invoice Ninja?

  • It’s free and open-source.
  • Support is responsive and helpful.
  • I can track time and auto-generate invoices from tracked time.
  • I can create recurring invoices and reminders.
  • It lets me accept deposits and partial payments.
  • There is support for multiple currencies.
  • I can integrate the South African payment gateway Payfast.
  • I can customise the Proposal templates.
  • Quotes have an e-signature field so that clients can sign digitally using their mouse.
  • The user-interface is clean and easy to navigate.

If you’re looking for an app for your business, give Invoice Ninja a try, it’s free.

Sherissa R

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