Tips for Choosing the Right Website Address

Your website address should be easy to type and spell. You don’t want people struggling to find your address, or landing up on a competitor’s website. Choose a name with one possible spelling.

Keep it short. If the address is too long, it is more likely people will forget the web address or misspell it. Also think about your letterhead and business cards.

Use descriptive keywords. If possible include words in your address that describe your business and services. e.g. This makes it easy to remember and helps improve your ranking on internet search results, which in turn increases traffic to your website.

Target your audience. If your target market is in a specific area, consider including the area name in the address.

Avoid numbers and hyphens. If someone is referring a person to your website verbally, it is most likely that it will be typed incorrectly, without the hyphen or the numeric. If a number or hyphen absolutely has to be in the address, then try and register all the variations of the address to safe-guard against confusion.

With so many millions of websites in the world, try and choose something memorable and catchy. Ask friends and family if the address that you’ve chosen makes sense and is it a web address they will easily remember and spell correctly.

Before registering a domain, do some research and make sure that there isn’t another business out there that you may be copyright infringeing on. Along with numbers and hyphens, avoid plurals! If another company already has Don’t register as your clients will end up on your competitor’s site.

Think long-term. Will the web address be brandable? Think success, expanding, franchises, global!

As soon as you know what it is you want, register it! Website addresses go really quickly. You don’t want to lose out on the perfect address for your business.

Sherissa R

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