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Turn your Dropbox folder into a Visual Workspace with Sitedrop

Are you a photographer, designer or project manager?

If you work with many files at a time that you need to manage and present visually, check out a new web service called Sitedrop – a visual way to collaborate using your Dropbox account.

Almost everyone has a Dropbox account making Sitedrop an easily accessible collaboration tool. Sitedrop lets you quickly turn any of your Dropbox folders into a mini-website where you can visually showcase your work to client’s or collaborators.

The signup process is quick and synching with your dropbox folder creates a custom subdomain where previews of files can be viewed in lists or slideshows.

Support for:

The site supports previews of image files including files created in Photoshop (PSD) and animated GIFs. Videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo, music from Rdio and Soundcloud as well as MP3s can all be played directly within Sitedrop. Everything in Sitedrop is folder-based making it easy to manage.

Features include:

  • Password protection – set unique passwords for each mini-website / Dropbox folder.
  • Collaboration – comments, feedback and favouriting.
  • Enable uploading – Receive files from clients or collaborators.
  • And currently it’s FREE supporting up to 5 mini-websites (Premium-paid for features will be added).

Sitedrop has a clean user-friendly interface and it is a service we recommend trying out if you need a quick, visually appealing way to share your work.


Sherissa | Web Designer

Wordpress web designer, mom, wife, documentary photographer, compulsive researcher, rock-climber, table tennis enthusiast