How to simplify your invoicing and time tracking with Pancakeapp

It has been 3 months since I installed and started using Pancakeapp for project tracking, estimates, proposals and invoicing.

After several weeks of research, I decided on Pancakeapp – a self-hosted web application that you install on your webserver e.g. or

I am loving this app more and more each day!

Pancakeapp checked all my criteria:

Features I was looking for when selecting an invoicing app

  • A once-off license fee. No monthly fees!
  • Easily customise invoices and estimates with your own branding.
  • Self-hosted providing online invoicing, time tracking, project management and estimates.
  • Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Some of my favourite Pancakeapp features and highlights

  • Team access.
  • Import invoices created in a different app.
  • Import clients from another database in .csv format.
  • Set your own invoice and estimates numbering format.
  • Create templates for proposals.
  • Great support from the developer.
  • Frequent updates to the software to fix bugs and add new functionality.
  • Easily setup recurring invoices.
  • Email clients invoices, estimates, proposals and reminders directly from the app.
  • Invoice or quote in multiple currencies.
  • Generate projects from accepted estimates.
  • Create tasks and project milestones.
  • Task timers – use more than one tracking timer at the same time.
  • Generate invoices from timesheets.
  • Save frequently used line items / products.
  • Create email and reminder templates.
  • Track project related expenses.
  • Manage client support tickets.

Need help to install and setup Pancakeapp on your web server? Get in touch today!

Sherissa R

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