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Improve your website's performance with a detailed Audit and Analysis

Find out if your website is performing at it's full potential from SEO to Accessibility we will provide you with actionable insights for meaningful improvements.

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Web accessibility means designing and building websites so that they can be used by as many people as possible, regardless of any physical or cognitive limitations. An accessible website is not just good for inclusivity; it can also improve SEO and lead to a larger audience.

Digital Creative Lab’s accessibility audit analyses your website’s adherence to current guidelines like WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). We will look at how easily readable is the text on your website, the colour contrast of text on background colours, navigation options for screen readers, and more, providing you with a detailed report on areas that need improvement.

A good site audit digs into the backend elements of your website that search engines analyse. We will look at your site’s metadata, keyword usage, content quality, and technical SEO issues like page load times, image compression, caching, among other factors, to identify opportunities for optimisation.

The time it takes to complete the website audit and provide a report varies depending on the complexity and size of your website. We aim to deliver your report within 7 business days.

Our report will offer you detailed insights and actionable recommendations in easy-to-understand language. no jargon. This will cover ways to improve accessibility, enhance SEO, streamline your website structure, and create a better overall user experience. The aim is to give you a plan for making effective improvements to your website.

A website audit is a comprehensive analysis of your website’s overall health and performance. It involves examining various aspects such as accessibility, search engine optimization (SEO), site structure, and user experience. The purpose of this audit is to identify any existing issues or areas for improvement that could be hindering your website’s ability to attract and engage visitors effectively. By assessing these key areas, a website audit provides actionable insights and recommendations for meaningful enhancements, ensuring your site is optimised for both search engines and user satisfaction.

The cost of a website audit can vary, depending on the size and complexity of your site, along with the specific elements you wish to analyse, such as SEO, accessibility, or user experience. At Digital Creative Lab, our website audits start at R1800. This initial cost includes a manual review from a user perspective, an overview of technical SEO issues, and a comprehensive written report. The report highlights key areas for improvement and provides actionable suggestions for enhancing your website’s performance. For a more in-depth analysis tailored to your website’s unique needs, the price may vary. To discuss the specifics of your website and get an accurate quote, we recommend scheduling a free consultation call with our team.