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Website Design Referral ProgrammeDo you know a small business or entrepreneur who needs a new website or a redesign of an old website?

We welcome referrals.

We love to help & guide small businesses and entrepreneurs to establish an online presence with a well-designed and effective website.

  • Do you have friends, family or acquaintances who need a website for their existing or new business?
  • Do they have a website but it’s outdated and doesn’t represent their business in the best way?
  • Does their website display properly on a mobile phone or tablet?

Refer your friends, family, colleagues, clients, your physio, hair stylist, dentist, massage therapist, doctor, your child’s pre-school, your personal trainer… who needs a website or a website makeover!

How it works.


Connect with your contact

Let your friend, family, acquaintance know that you've found the perfect website designer to help them. Share the benefits of working with Sherissa & her team at Digital Creative Lab. Send them to our website. Ask them if it's okay for us to contact them, if yes, complete the referral form or CC us on an introduction email. Alternatively they may contact us directly and must please mention your name.

Proposal and quote

Once we've made contact with the your referral contact and assessed their web design needs, we will email them a proposal and quote.

10% commission

When your referral contact signs on to work with us, a contract is in place and full payment received, you will receive a 10% commission.

Referral Form

The Fine Print.

  • A 10% commission is given upon a successful referral.
  • A successful referral is when you, as the referring party, refers a client to Digital Creative Lab and that client signs up for a website design project with us and makes a full payment at project completion.
  • Your own website does not count as a referral commission.
  • The referral must please mention your name when they contact us.
  • Commission payments will be made by bank transfer / PayPal or Transferwise for international payments.
  • We will only pay the referral fee once we have received payment for a new project from the new client.
  • We charge a 50% deposit of the total project value for new clients. If a deposit is not received,  work will not commence on the client’s project and a commission fee will not be paid to you.
  • If we receive only part of the cost of the new website, we will still pay you part of the referral fee, on a pro rata basis.
  • We will only pay a referral fee in relation to the first new project that a new client signs up for with us.
  • We do not pay a referral fee for hosting, email marketing, SEO or any other maintenance services. If the customer signs up for additional website projects we will not pay a referral fee for these.
  • You are welcome to refer as many clients as you want and if they each buy a website you will be paid a 10% commission of the total project cost for each website.