Thermal Process Experts

Project Overview:

The brief for this redesign project was to revamp the site, enhancing the user experience, updating its look and feel, and decreasing the bounce rate. We chose to utilise the WordPress block editor, transitioning from the Divi theme.


  • Establishing a consistent brand presence throughout the site.
  • Enhancing site navigation for an intuitive user journey.
  • Retaining visitors by reducing page bounce rates.
  • Facilitating easier access to a vast library of downloadable content.
  • Strengthening on-site SEO for improved search visibility.

The Old Website By The Numbers:

  • Pages: 150
  • Posts: 286
  • Forms: 43
  • Pop-ups: 8
  • Media Library Items: 701

Project Breakdown:

1. Documentation and Investigation Phase:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of metrics such as bounce rates, average session durations, primary and secondary traffic sources, and conversion rates using Google Analytics.
  • Creation of a detailed sitemap, encompassing:
    • Page content
    • Video assets
    • Blog entries
    • Downloadable reports
    • Whitepapers
  • With Slickplan, we ensured a seamless transition from the old site map to the new, rejuvenated site structure.

2. Content Review and Editing Phase:

Focused on refining the content for high-traffic and high-conversion pages to ensure quality and relevance.

3. Design and Development Phase:

Bridging aesthetics with functionality, we offered a seamless user experience.

4. SEO Enhancement Phase:

  • Retention of current traffic without dips.
  • Optimisation of page titles and heading tags.
  • Incorporation of alt tags for improved image searches.
  • Updating meta descriptions.
  • Image compression and optimization for faster load times.
  • Implementation of 301 redirects to maintain page authority and prevent broken links.

Purpose and Features:

KIC Thermal is a global company and it’s website is a hub. From software downloads to locating sales reps, the KIC Thermal website serves varied needs. Our work amplified these features:

  • Advanced filtering in the Sales Rep Directory.
  • We implemented custom post types for a clear categorisation of blog posts.
  • Refreshed solution page layouts.
  • Call to Actions were used strategically, ensuring a guided user journey.

Ongoing Support and Services:

Our collaboration with KIC Thermal extends beyond the project’s completion. We continue to provide website support, maintain the site’s health, and create fresh content as and when required.

Technology Used:

  • Platform: WordPress + block editor
  • Theme: Blocksy Pro
  • Plugins:
    • WP Grid Builder
    • Metabox
    • GenerateBlocks Pro