Heino Schmitt Design

Client: Heino Schmitt

Industry: Art and Furniture Design

Project Overview:

Heino Schmitt, a talented artist and furniture designer based in South Africa, sought our expertise to create an exceptional online presence that would showcase his portfolio and connect him with prospective clients. With a focus on seamless functionality, aesthetic appeal, and effective communication, we successfully delivered a website that truly represents the client’s unique creative vision.

Heino’s website provides a platform to display his extraordinary artistic creations and furniture designs.

  • Captivating Portfolio: Heino Schmitt’s website provides a platform to display his artistic creations and furniture designs.
  • Engaging Call to Action: Strategically placed prompts encourage visitors to explore further and engage with the client’s work.
  • Effortless Contact Form: A user-friendly contact form facilitates easy communication between the client and interested parties.
  • Impressive Portfolio Section: Showcasing the client’s diverse collection of artistic and furniture pieces, allowing visitors to appreciate his talent.
  • Seamless Social Media Integration: Integrated Heino’s Instagram feed to enable engagement and easy sharing of the client’s work.

Ongoing Support and Services:

Website Hosting:

To ensure a smooth online experience, we provide managed WordPress website hosting services for Heino Schmitt’s website. With dependable servers and regular maintenance, we ensure optimal performance and accessibility.

Logo Design:

Our team had to recreate the client’s logo as the original version was outdated and not in digital format.

Website Maintenance:

We understand the importance of a well-maintained website. With our comprehensive website maintenance services, Heino can focus on his artistic endeavors while we handle regular updates, security patches, and optimisations to keep his website running smoothly.

Technology Used:

Platform: WordPress

Theme: Blocksy Pro