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Do you have a content strategy?

content marketingSo, you want a website for your business because you’ve either realised that it’s imperative you have one or because everyone keeps telling you that you should have one?

A website is not the same as having an ‘online brochure’. You can’t simply take your company profile and put it on your website and cross your fingers. It isn’t a magical fix-it solution to your marketing woes.

7 questions you must ask yourself before starting your website project.

  1. What are the short to medium-term goals for your business e.g. Is it to gain new customers / increase your sales per customer / bring in repeat customers?
  2. How can your website help you achieve these business goals? And importantly, how will you know whether your website is doing what it is supposed to be doing?
  3. How does the content you have for your website fit in with the content you plan to use for other media channels such as print, email newsletters and the various social media platforms?
  4. How well does your existing content support your business goals?
  5. Which areas in your business do you need to generate new content for?
  6. Will someone in your company or an outside content writer be creating the content for your website?
  7. Will you be able to repurpose and use this content on other media channels?

If you haven’t asked yourself these questions, you definitely need to undertake a content strategy session before you move any further with your website revamp or new web development project.


Sherissa | Web Designer

Wordpress web designer, mom, wife, documentary photographer, compulsive researcher, rock-climber, table tennis enthusiast